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The Turnaround Home Challenge is the ideal place for homeowners to learn how to use their homes to propel their lives.
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Let us transform the way you approach the strategies you use to reignite your design practice. Our one of a kind residential architecture competitions bring real architecture into competitions.
DIY Strategies Creator
Good Day! I'm Marisol Miró Quesada
I help people grow with simple yet effective strategies. Throughout my career, I have taught hundreds of people through my  courses, mentoring, and coaching; and presented keynotes on stage at events including TEDx  

If you are wondering how I got here, I reversed a degenerative disease, kind of like early-Alzheimer’s in my late-thirties and lost my design practice in the process. To re-build what I'd lost, I went deep into mastering business by studying management, marketing, and events. I also learnt form the best mentors the hacks I have successfully applied to my many enterprises.   

I attribute my recovery to my closest network's unconditional support and to the many strategy shortcuts they taught me. So I've made it my mission to help others learn to design their own strategies so they can reach their goals fast without sacrificing their health, their life, and their relationships in the process. 

I am an accredited building designer and a member of the Australian Institute of Architects with a graduate diploma in Sustainable Development in the Built Environment from the University of New South Wales, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Ricardo Palma University. 
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“Marisol's ability to cut through the mess is amazing. She really helped us reassess how to achieve our goals in just an hour.“  
- Business Owners. Vegetable Growers
“The quality of the work is really world-class, innovative and  ground-breaking in its methodology. We are deeply satisfied with the  outcome and with the process we have experienced with you. You succeeded  in capturing our Institute's soul!“ 
- Managing Director. Technological Institute
“... Knowledgeable!“ 
- Small Business Founder
“Perfect!  You have helped us to synthesize our views and thoughts as an  organisation, and this will in turn mean we can be more focused and  efficient in what path we chose to follow. Very simple, well explained,  easy to understand, sound approach, very clear in your communication,  had all the physical tools we needed and your service to us was  fantastic. It exceeded my expectations.”
- General Manager. Agricultural NFP
"Our producers who have had any experience working with you, continue to talk about how what you said to them has stayed stuck in their mind and your voice continues to crop up from time to time for them, when they are at a crossroads trying to decide on something to do with their business! So, your impact is always being felt, even months or years after you've worked with them!" 
- General Manager. Scholarship Program
“... I lost track of time during the masterclass... you make it so engaging with all the tools, canvas, examples, whiteboard... “ 
- Small Business Founder
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